Monday, April 18, 2016

Silicone Easy No Tie Shoelaces

Tired of loose shoelaces due to too long or too short strings?

Tired of your playful children keep getting their shoes and laces dirty?
Disappointed with other silicone laces that are too tight to wear?
Or did you feel angry when the laces too hard to install or even worse, broken after just a few months?
FunFitness has our unique solution for you, FUNLACES. Get Smart and Style with FunLaces and Show Your Personality.
HUGE TIME SAVER - No more sneaker tying when washing or changing laces. 
SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Innovative shape with long tails to easily pull in and double hooks to make it stick with the strong movement. 
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Very convenient for children, elderly and those with limited mobility. 
TRENDY - 8 unisex colors handpicked by our top designers and more to join the fashion show. 
PERFECT FOR ALL SHOES - 8 different sizes, varied from 2.68'' to 3.86'', the longest available to fit most US footwear. 
RELIABLE - 100% high quality silicone that can stretch up to 1.5 times and bear with greater tension.
Their guarantee is simple if you have any problems with our FunLaces, email them and they will replace it immediately.

With four little kids in the house there are always laces to be tied! When given the chance to try these new no tie silicone laces my boys were thrilled to share a review! 
These are so simple and easy to install. My 8 and 10 year old each installed them on 1 of their sneakers and then went for a run! They loved them! They have been begging for me to order another set so they can each have one! 

These are built to last! And with 3 boys I know they will be putting them to the test!