Thursday, May 4, 2017

Joker Carrying Strap

This strap is great for carrying your child's bike. 

Titanium Classic Pruning Shears By Haus & Garten

We just love to have a garden, but let's face it no one really likes to keep up with the maintenance. This titanium shears help make that job so much easier.  I have carpal tunnel, so it makes opening and closing things like scissors hard. This open and close so easily and smoothly. I have no problems using them for an extended period of time.

From the manufacturer:
Product Details
The Benchmark Hand Pruner Made for Professional & Home Use These Classic Style Heavy-Duty Pruners Are The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges. Built for Hard Use, These Titanium Blade Pruning Shears Have a Smooth, Precise Cutting Action & Are Designed to Deliver Maximum Force with Minimum Pressure. Strong & Powerful to Tackle Tree Branches, Shrubs, Hedges & Orchards, Whilst Still Precise Enough For The Most Delicate Pruning of Rose Stems, Bonsai, Ornamentals & Flowers. Ideal Pruner for Men, Women & Arthritis Sufferers. Manufactured for Excellence The Haus & Garten Professional Pruning Shears is the Final Evolution of the Classic Style Bypass Hand Pruner. Superior Manufacturing Processes, Attention to Ergonomics & Thoughtful Design Make This An Essential Piece of Gardening Equipment For Anyone in the Gardening, landscaping profession & the Serious Home Gardener. Features HEAVY DUTY TITANIUM CLASSIC STYLE BYPASS PRUNING SHEARS - Increased Blade Durability & Razor Sharp Cutting Power Performance. Made of High Quality Japanese Grade Stainless Steel - More Durable Than Other Similar Traditional Hand Pruners - Protective Titanium coating decreases friction of trimmer for easier cutting & offers long-lasting protection against rust & corrosion. ERGONOMICALLY ENGINEERED ANTI-SLIP RED CUSHIONED LONG HANDLE GRIP HAND PRUNERS WITH SHOCK ABSORBING PADS - Strong & Lightweight Drop Forged All Metal Aluminum Body & Handle Secateurs - Pruning Shear Fit Medium to Large Hands & Help Reduce Repetitive Hand Motion Injuries, Hand Fatigue & Wrist Strain - Ideal Versatile Gardening Trimmers for General Yard, Farm Work & Multi-Purpose Intensive Pruning, Arthritis Sufferers, Carpal Tunnel & Seniors with Weak Hands. Sap Grooves Prevents the Pruning Cutters From Sticking And Saves Time By Channeling Off Sap To Keep The Bypass Blade Clean Of Debris After Each Cut - Wire Cutting Notch Is Incorporated Into The Clippers To Expedite Planting And To Protect The Cutting Edge Of The Snips. MICROMETRIC ADJUSTABLE SYSTEM Allows Manual Adjustment And Alignment & Play of The Cutting Blade For Optimal & Precise Clean Cuts Every Time of the Scissors - Smooth & Effortless Cutting Actions Make Trimming An Easy Chore of Rose Stem, Floral Plant, Shaping Ornamental Flowers, Vines, Grape, Fruit, Tree Limb, Branch, Shrub, Bush, Hedge, Lawn, Edging & Small Trees Without Much Effort. This Trimmer Easily Powers Through Various Types of Dry, Dead and Green Wood With Ease and Does All The Work Which You Can Definitely Feel. Snippers Will Cut Through 1/2', 3/4' & 1 inch Diameter Size Branches Depending On The Wood Species.

I received this for a discount in exchange of my review.

TORO.TM Mandoline Slicer

From the manufacturer:
Product Details
Reduce prep time and enjoy fun, healthy and delicious foods in brand new ways! When you want to cut down on how long it takes to make dinner, but you still want a wonderfully unforgettable meal, you need the right kitchen tools and utensils for the job. That's why we've come up with the ultimate cooking bundle for your home-the TORO.TM Mandoline Slicer, Vegetable Peeler and Recipes EBook. The TORO.TM Mandoline Slicer comes with everyone you need to cut, slice, Julienne and enjoy all sorts of meats, vegetables, fruits, cheeses, breads, toppings and so much more; and all faster and more efficiently than ever before. Crafted with stainless super blades that produce clean, sharp cuts of food, you can easily prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner in fun new ways without ever having to break out your plastic, wooden or bamboo cutting board. Simply slide a plate, bowl or food container under the slicer, attach your desired food to the secure hand guard, and slide-it's that easy! You don't have to be a professional culinary chef to cook like one; get the TORO.TM Mandoline Slicer today and do it like the pros in your very own kitchen. Product Details: - Stainless Steel Cutting Blades  - Food Safe ABS Plastic  - Lightweight, Versatile and Compact  - Multiple Cutting Styles and Sizes  - Fun, Vibrant Color  - Dishwasher Safe  Order Includes: - Mandoline Slicer  - 3 Standard Slicers  - 2 Julienne Slicers  - Storage Rack  - Slicing Guard  - BONUS: Vegetable Peeler  - BONUS: 50-Recipe EBook

This is a great slicer. Super sharp and works really well.

I was given a chance to get this for a large discount in exchange of my review. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Rainbow Sippers Sippy Cup Lids (4 Pack)

I am love this silicone slip on sippy cup lids. Now I don't have to worry whether or not I remembered to put a cup in the diaper bag. I just put all 4 in a baggie and right into the diaper bag. Now I am always prepared no matter what kind of cup we are offered! 

These lids stretch to fit over almost any cup. They are super easy to clean and are dishwasher safe! 

Product Details
★ TURN ANY CUP INTO A SIPPY CUP: Convert any cup into a sippy cup in seconds with our silicone lids! Facilitate the drinking to the fullest without spillage accidents! Just pinch the 2 air vents on top and enjoy! Suitable for water, milk, juice, and other beverages! *CUPS NOT INCLUDED*
★ HASSLE FREE CLEANING: These stretchy silicone lids are easy to clean and use! Turn most 2.5 to 3.75” cups into spill proof sip snap cups now. Not suitable for rimless cups, IKEA tumblers and disposable Styrofoam cups. When you are done using, just toss them in the dishwasher and let it do the rest!
★ AVOID SPILLING & MESS: Designed from high quality food grade silicone and being FDA approved, you may rest assured that these lids are safe to use! They are BPA, Phthalates and Lead free. Avoid spillage everywhere you go and keep your toddler dry and happy!
★ MORE COLORS MORE FUN: Our silicone sippy lids have wonderful bright colors that both parents and kids will love! Choose among pink, yellow, blue or green and start your day. Their stackable and lightweight design makes them ideal for everyday use on the go! #rainbowsippers #rainbowsipperssippylids

I purchased here at a discounted price in exchange of my review.

YEEIC Girls' TankTop Dress Athletic Leotard

This is a very nicely made leotard with detachable wrap skirt. The leotard is very soft and very light weight. Would be great for dance class. Available in 6 colors and multiple sizes. It is very affordable at $14.99 and up. 

I tried this on my almost 2 year old. Its still a little too big on her. Hoping it will fit by the time she starts class next season. 

From the manufacturer:
  • Material: Leotard 90% Cotton 10% Spandex,Skirt 80% Cotton 10% Nylon
  • The skirt is separated,leotard can wear alone or with the skirt together
  • Colors: Black,Blue,Pink,Purple,Red,Rose. Size 2-12
  • Yeeic leotard is great quality,lightweight and very soft,super cute.
  • Please check product description before ordering to ensure accurate fitting. And please choose one size larger as the Leotard is smaller than the US Size. Thank you very much.
You can purchase here

I purchased this leotard at a deeply discounted price in exchange for my honest review. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Muster Kids Backpack

Colby is loving this backpack! He gives it 2 thumbs up! 
This is a high quality bag, one that won't wear out quickly. It has numerous compartments. Holds things in place, while easily keeping them accessible. 

Highly reccomend this bag if it is within your budget! Definitely not cheap, but you won't be running out to replace this bag! 

From the manufacturer:

Muster bag Kids Backpack + Cross Bag Set - Trendy Camouflage Pattern - size: 11*5*15 inch - weight: 1.7 pounds - Shoulder strap length: 15 ~ 30 inch - Color: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Red - Ergonomic design : It is convenient to remove the contents easily by opening the zipper on the backboard.

You can find the bags here.

I received this bag for a highly discounted price in exchange for my honest review.