Tuesday, December 27, 2016

INNX dog car restraint safety seat belt tether

Riding with dogs in the car can be difficult. In my state all dogs must be either in a dog car seat or seat belted in in the car. I have a smaller dog, so we usually used a car seat. But I wanted to have another alternative. 
This stap is so easy to use. 
This is made of high quality nylon. It can be used for both small and large dogs. It is adjustable in length. Making it easy for you to allow the dog to sit, stand or lay down. 
You can NOT attach this safety belt to their collar. It must be used with a harness to prevent choking or neck injury. 

My Roxy loves going for a ride in the car and now can safely do so! 

I purchased this with a coupon in exchange for my review. All views are my own. 

Apple Certified 6FT Cord

Let's face it we all need extra cords. Who doesn't lose, break, or forget cords all the time. And buying direct from Apple can get expensive. 
We have 10 plus Apple products in the house and yet we are constantly fighting for a cord. 
These are Apple Certified. I like that the cord is long. I use this one in my car. Since I have my phone hanging on the windshield I need a cord that is longer to reach from my plug. 
This cord works well and in fact I have purchased a few more to have on hand. 

I received this cord in exchange for my honest review and all views are my own. 

Ebook Review

Why Beans? They’re delicious and versatile. In Cooking with Beans, Rhiana Jones shows you how to give low-cost dried or canned beans a starring role from breakfast, lunch, and snacks to dinner and dessert—yes, there are three dessert recipes. What Kind of Recipes? A Little bit of everything! Some of the 20-plus recipes, from old favorites to the unusual, fit a vegan or vegetarian diet; others, such as the four-ingredient Spicy Cowboy Hash, cater to the meat-lovers in your life. Why this book? Frugal cooking is in! Put your stockpile of inexpensive dried and canned beans to good use. Whether you’re making Black Bean Huevos Rancheros for a brunch or family breakfast or the classic Three-Bean Salad or a Pinto Bean Pie for a potluck or everyday dinner, priced-right Cooking with Beans gives you a source of frugal, easy-to-follow bean recipes that you can prepare with confidence.

I was never one to eat a lot of beans. But when I got pregnant with my first, the doctor told me I needed to add more beans to my diet since I am not a big meat eater. 
I have come to love beans and was grateful to be able to review this book and have a chance to try some more recipes in exchange for my honest opinion. 

Pokemon Go 3D Phone Case

Have a Pokemon lover in your family? I know I have a few. 
We are always hearing wait stop there is a Pokemon over there. Can I get it? Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate is a great accessory for aligning your poke'ball to catch that Pokemon! 
It clips right on to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. 
This plate helps you gain extra XP since you will be able to throw straighter Pokeballs. 
Pokemon GO 3D printed phone case to aim your pokeballs, size is perfect fit and very easy to install insert and Remove. Fine workmanship and no odor. [b]Item:[/b]Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate Outdoor Pokeball Aimer Pokemon Games Accessories, Phone Case Express Install for iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6/6s Plus.

My boys are fighting over who gets to use the case! I was given the case in exchange for my honest review. This case gets 2 thumbs up from the Bavaro Boys! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

Portable USB cassette player recorder Capture

I was very excited when I was given the chance to review this USB Cassette Capture. Between John and I we have numerous cassettes from when we were little. I have always wanted a way to convert them to the computer. I just never knew a way to do it. 

I was a little nervous using  a cassette that wasn't just old songs at first, I didn't want to ruin the cassette. I am very happy to say that this works great! I was able to convert the cassette to mp3 so easily. 

From the manufacturer:

Product Description
Tape to PC Super USB Cassette-to-MP3 Converter Capture Audio Music Player iPod
Bring the 80s to the present with this cassette tape converter.
Take those old cassette tapes and transfer them to your computer and then to your mp3 player!
This device is perfect for anyone who used to record themselves on cassette tapes
and would like to relive their past.
Get yours today and bring your musical tastes to a modern device!
Product Specifications:
  • Convert your old mix tapes and cassette to MP3 to Playback on iPod/MP3 player or burn to CD

    3.5mm earphone jack

    Audio output enables you to listen on your stereo, headphones, or other speaker system

    Audio editing software included

    Portable design fits in virtually any bag and enables you to play and transfer anywhere

    Comes with tape converter software to guide you through transfer
System Requirements:
  • Pentium 4 1.7 GHz CPU or above

    512MB RAM or above

    1GB free HDD space

    VGA card with 32MB memory

    One available USB 2.0 port

    CD-ROM for installation

    Microsoft Windows 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Win 7/win 8 and Mac under Version 10.5(Not compatible Mac 10.5 or higher)

    Rediscover your old tape collection with this audio tape converter

    Turns cassette tape songs into mp3 files

    No installation required, plug and play feature is enabled with USB use

    Can powered by 2 x AA (not included) or by your PC's USB (included cable)

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Cassette Deck Converter
    1 x USB to Micro USB Cable
    1 x Driver Disk
    1 x headphones
I am very excited to find some time to covert my whole shoe box of cassettes! Look out kids 80s music coming soon!

I received this recorder in exchange of my honest review. All views are my own. 

Friday, July 8, 2016

If You Were Me and Lived in...Colonial America

My 8 year old was really excited to help me review this book. We went to Williamsburg 4 years ago. He was very into learning and remembering what we learned there. 

He read this out loud to me. He is going into 3rd grade and was able to read almost all of it by himself. 

He really enjoyed all that this book taught him. I liked how it was written in the perspective of the child.

This book is just one of a wonderful series of books. We are really looking forward to reading more of the series. 

The author also includes lots of additional information on his blog to help further teach and relate the topics. 

I was given a complementary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Mermaid Tail Swimwear Children Bikini Sets One-piece bathing suit

How adorable is this bathing suit? I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. 

Reminds me so much of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. 

This suit runs a little bit on the smaller size, but fits nicely. It is made very well and holds up well after washing. 

I will add a picture of my little girl wearing it....she would no sit still long enough to snap a pic! 

I made a little purple tulle skirt for her to wear over the suit in Disney when we go in August. 

This can be purchased on amazon and comes with the headband! 


I purchased this bathing suit at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Mosquito Repellent Patch Natural Lemon Eucalyptus

Having a child who is allergic to mosquito bites makes it very hard to enjoy being outside. My 10 year old gets an allergic infection when he gets bit. And the kicker is he doesn't react for 24 hours. 
He also has asthma, so its very hard to find a spray/lotion that he can use to keep the bugs at bay. 

I was worried and excited to try this patch out. Worried that it wouldn't work or that there would be a strong odor that would kick is asthma into high gear. I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened that package. The smell is not over powering. 

While I still can not trust any product 100% for my 10 year old, I am really happy to be able to use these for him. So far so good. I just opened a patch and stuck it in the middle of his back and another on his shorts. 

My husband also used them while doing yard work and was bite free! 

These will be added to our outdoor routines! 

From the manufacturer:

  • MOSQUITO REPELLENT: Help stop mosquito bites and fight off bugs and insects with our mosquito repellent patch. The patch can be applied to your skin, clothing, lawn chair or any other surface. It helps prevent bug bites and lowers risk of being infected by mosquito-borne viruses.

    100% NATURAL & DEET FREE: Safe for kids of all ages, pregnant mothers and pets. Our mosquito repellent patch is made with all natural lemon eucalyptus and essential oils. It is also Non-Toxic and Deet Free. The patch is non-transdermal which means the essential oils do not come in contact with the skin.

    COMFORTABLE & EASY TO APPLY: The patch is activated by scratching the surface, which breaks the microcapsules and releases the scent of natural essential oils. The patch is than peeled off from the cardboard backing and applied to you skin, clothing or any other surface. It's as simple as sticking on a bandage.

    LONG LASTING ON THE GO PROTECTION: Small enough to carry in a purse and fit's in your back pocket. Our mosquito repellent is ideal for all outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking through the woods, or hosting a party in your back yard. Our all natural mosquito repellent is long lasting and effective.

    MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: All of our products are formulated in a state of the art GMP certified and FDA registered certified facility.

    The Mosquito Repellent Patch by Justified Laboratories is a patch that contains microcapsules filled with lemon eucalyptus and essential oils. The patch is activated by scratching the surface, which breaks the microcapsules and releases the scent of natural essential oils. Once activated, you may apply the patch to the desired area of the body, clothing, bedside or other surface. The essential oils are effective up to 8 hours after activation. Each foil pouch contains 12 patches which equals 96 hours of total protection.
I received these pouches for free for my honest review. The views are 100% my own. 

I will be purchasing more in the future! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Silicone Easy No Tie Shoelaces

Tired of loose shoelaces due to too long or too short strings?

Tired of your playful children keep getting their shoes and laces dirty?
Disappointed with other silicone laces that are too tight to wear?
Or did you feel angry when the laces too hard to install or even worse, broken after just a few months?
FunFitness has our unique solution for you, FUNLACES. Get Smart and Style with FunLaces and Show Your Personality.
HUGE TIME SAVER - No more sneaker tying when washing or changing laces. 
SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Innovative shape with long tails to easily pull in and double hooks to make it stick with the strong movement. 
USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Very convenient for children, elderly and those with limited mobility. 
TRENDY - 8 unisex colors handpicked by our top designers and more to join the fashion show. 
PERFECT FOR ALL SHOES - 8 different sizes, varied from 2.68'' to 3.86'', the longest available to fit most US footwear. 
RELIABLE - 100% high quality silicone that can stretch up to 1.5 times and bear with greater tension.
Their guarantee is simple if you have any problems with our FunLaces, email them and they will replace it immediately.

With four little kids in the house there are always laces to be tied! When given the chance to try these new no tie silicone laces my boys were thrilled to share a review! 
These are so simple and easy to install. My 8 and 10 year old each installed them on 1 of their sneakers and then went for a run! They loved them! They have been begging for me to order another set so they can each have one! 

These are built to last! And with 3 boys I know they will be putting them to the test!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Beach Party Time ~ The Little Gym of Wayne

If your child is not enrolled in classes at the Little Gym of Wayne now is the time to join! 
Summer time is a great time to begin classes. And getting 2 classes for the price of one is a great bonus! 
You must already be a member of the Little Gym to take advantage of this offer...but joining is simple! 

Call 973-305-0600 and schedule your trial class today! 
The Little Gym of Wayne New Jersey

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Congratulations to The Little Gym of Wayne!

The Little Gym of Wayne is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. 
We could not be prouder to have been a part of the gym since their doors opened! 
We saw in ad in the newspaper when Nathan was just 4 months old. Thought, let's check them out...it will be a great thing for John and Nate to do together. 
We walked through that door that very first Open House and we fell in love. It was such a caring and nurturing place. 
Coach Kathy met us at the door with enthusiasm and love! She welcomed us right into their Little Gym family. 
We were sitting on the big red mat when another family walked in...they came right over and sat with us. Our boys clicked. They were smiling and laughing at each other. Both our families signed that day to begin classes. 
My family found not only a gym for Nathan to learn and grow, a best friend for Nathan and wonderful friends for our family, but the most caring, loving and passionate family~ The Monicelli's! 
The Little Gym of Wayne is truly an extension of our family. 
10 years and four children later, my kids look forward to their gym time every week. 
Come and join my family at The Little Gym of Wayne

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Custom Service Dog ID

 The have 100s of options to choose from. IDCreator.com provides professional templates. They can be used as employee badges My favorite use will be custom id cards for my children to keep on us when traveling or visiting crowded public places.

I was asked to make a custom service dog id card to review. I made one for our 1 year old puppy. Its a card to have on hand in case she gets loose and we need help finding her. 

I can't wait to upload my kids pictures and create their ids. 

You get 2 cards for each id made, which makes it easy for both parents to have a card in their wallet. 

Want to check it out for yourself? Head to: http://www.idcreator.com/service-dog-id-cards to create your id today. 

I received my custom ID Creator cards in exchange for my review. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bestseller Baby Ring Sling Carrier - Ocean Lanna

I have never used/tried a sling carrier before. I was always very intimidated by them. I was so afraid that I would not put it on properly and I would drop the baby. 

I was given an opportunity to try the Mamaway Baby sling at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. 

Well I fear that no more! This carrier is so easy to use! 

This is an all around baby carrier. It can be used from newborn. 

Mamaway is a great hands free sling. Its great and for breastfeeding. (another thing that intimidates me with some carriers. I don't like people to know that I am breastfeeding, I like being as discreet as possible. 

This carrier is one size fits all, which means it was so easy to go from me wearing the baby to my husband wearing her. 

I love the patented pocket design, so easy to take on the go! The ring makes it easy to hang on the stroller. 

This is 100% cotton and machine washable. ( Cold water in a laundry bag and hang dry)