Sunday, February 19, 2017

Multi USB Charging Cables

We have so many devices in this house that use all different kinds of cords. We are always looking for misplaced cords and trying to figure out what cord is needed for what device. Do you have this issue too?

Well look no further! You can purchase this wonderful bundle of cords here.

We are loving this cord. I will be purchasing a few more! I am going to leave one in each of our cars and leave one in my diaper bag. This will also be great to have for vacation....all the cords you could need on one handy clip! 

This multi USB charger includes 6 cords
USB A Cable
2 Micro USB Cables
1 Mini Cable
1 USB C Cable
1 8 Pin Cable (not MFI certified)

The cord comes with a 1 year replacement warranty.

From the manufacturer:
Compatible with all the following: 
1. For apple 5/6series; 
2. Mini USB supported Devices as digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives,etc. 
3. Micro USB supported Devices as most smartphones,etc. 
4. New USB Type C 3.1 port supported devices. 

What is Type-C? 

USB Type-C (24 pins) — the tiny, superfast connector; 
USB Type-C supports USB 3.1 for dramatic speed benefits and power transfer, in a shape that is only marginally larger than micro USB and, perhaps best of all, is reversible. 

The USB Type-C standard will become more prevalent across smartphones, tablets and laptops over the next few years, so regardless of whether you take the plunge on one of those new laptops, you will probably have a USB Type-C device soon. More Type-C supported device will follow.

I purchased this cord for a deeply discounted price in exchange of my review. All opinions are my own.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I am always looking for new games and apps for the kids.
What better than a fun website that is also a learning site?
This is still in the beta stage, so there are a few quirks still. I also found it to be a little slow. My kids usually like games that move along quicker, but they still had fun playing.

We tried out Autumn Outfit (the dressing properly for weather game), Dancing Snowflakes (counting game), Sizing up Fruit (color sorting game) and  The Human Brain. There are many other games included in this app/website. We are looking forward to trying them all out.

My almost 4 year old struggled a little and definitely needed some help (which is totally normal) but my 9 and 11 year old had no problems.

We received a 1 month trial in exchange for my review. We are looking forward to trying out the numerous games over the next few weeks!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Iphone7 Phone case with detachable strap

When out and about its always nice to be able to carry less while making sure that I have everything I need.  This case is perfect for that. 
It can hold credit cards and license while keeping your phone close by. The carry strap is great for being able to hang on your wrist. 

From the manufacturer:
Features classic style Embossed flowers and bling crystal diamond rhinestone. ALL in One (Convenient) Unlike other simple cellphone cases, this wallet case cover let you hold your phone and store you credit cards and cash. you don't need to bring a wallet to go shopping,just bring this Aocome iPhone 7 Wallet Case with you! So convenient! it come with a detachable strap,which lets you comfortably use your phone while safely attached to your wrist

You can pick up your own on Amazon:

I received this case in exchange for my honest review.