Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Retseliney, Premium Spiralizer Bundle - Vegetable Review

I have always wanted to try a vegetable spiral slicer. I just had not gotten around to picking one up. I jumped at the chance to try this slicer in exchange for my honest review.

This spiralizer was super easy to use. Put a vegetable into the one end and twist. The vegetables start to spiral out. 

This spiralizer comes with two different size blades. One makes a thinner noodle and the other a thicker noodle.  There are grooves in the cover that help grip onto the vegetable while you are making the noodles.

This had stainless steel blades and a plastic base. Super quick and easy to clean, especially with the cleaning brush that is included.

This spiralizer can be used for many different vegetables. Potato, carrots, zucchini, etc.

I will definitely be using this more often! My kids think its fun to eat all kinds of "noodles" cooked and raw. Makes it so easy to make little strands for toddlers.