Friday, March 3, 2017

Grabease Utensil Set

Aubree is loving her new Grabease utensils! 
These utensils are so cute! They are perfect size for her little hands! Your little ones will love to be able to self feed with this utensils! 
From the manufacturer:

About the Product

  • Choke Protection Barrier - safest utensil for baby and toddler self feeding
  • Short Handle - proportionately sized for little hands. BPA free.
  • Ergonomically Design Handle - to suit babies natural vertical hand grasp and motion
  • Recommended by Occupational Therapists - strengthens fingers muscles and supports gentle motor development
These are perfect size to throw in the diaper bag to bring along to restaurants. I always hate how huge the utensils are when dining out! These are ideal for infants and toddlers! 

Aubree gives these 10 stars! Can't wait to pick up another set! 

(I was given the chance to review in exchange for a deep product discount. All views are my own (And Aubree's :)