Thursday, February 24, 2011

Uggs Customer Service

John and the boys bought me Uggs for Valentine's Day last year. I wasn't sure if I would like them, or if I could wear them ( a lot of shoes bother my feet). But, what can I say. I fell in l.o.v.e. They are so comfortable and keep me toasty warm.

After about a week of wearing them I started complaining that the left boot was not as comfortable as the right. That foot never seemed as warm as the other. But I just kept wearing them.

Well 2 weeks ago while shopping, John ran over my left foot with a shopping cart OUCH! Thanks John. And the boot immediately ripped on the top. A small hole. No larger than an eraser. I was so upset. But also shocked that I could see my foot and not the lining of the boot.

This kind of confirmed what I had been thinking for over a year...the boot was not lined properly.

I contacted Uggs to let them know. I didn't think they would do anything since it was a year and ONE DAY since they were purchased from Zappos...which meant Zappos would not do anything.

I did the live chat on The woman was super nice and super helpful. I explained everything to her. She told me that I could ship them to the company and they would check them out. If they were deemed defective they would send me a brand new pair. If they were deemed OK, they would ship the originals back to me at no charge.

Well 3 days after they got my boots I received an email that I would be getting BRAND NEW BOOTS! YAY! They were defective and they apologized that these boots passed initial inspection.

My new boots arrived yesterday, and my feet are happy again!