Thursday, November 12, 2015

Father & Son Matching Skinny Tie Set

What is better than a little boy wanting to be just like his daddy? 
Colby was so excited when I was chosen to review this tie set in exchange for my honest opinion. 

John is very picky with ties (clothing). He didn't think he was going to like the tie. But was pleasantly surprised when he opened the package. 
Colby was even more excited that they would be able to match. 
These ties are made of excellent quality.  They are made of 100% Microfiber polyester. They are skinny ties made in popular matching color combinations. 
What makes these ties even better? They are machine washable! Come on who has time to run ties to the cleaner after someone spills some pasta sauce down the front of them?? Not me! 
These ties are wrinkle resistant! Another huge plus for this family! 
Dad's tie is standard 59".  Son's ties are available in Boy Lengths Come In: 10" (6 - 18 Months), 12" (18 Months - 4 Years) & 14" (4 - 7+ Years). The Boys Tie is Pre-Tied with a Convenient Click Connector. Neck Diameter Can be Easily Adjusted Between 9" & 14".

(more pictures coming soon! Computer still having some issues)