Sunday, February 12, 2017

Iphone7 Phone case with detachable strap

When out and about its always nice to be able to carry less while making sure that I have everything I need.  This case is perfect for that. 
It can hold credit cards and license while keeping your phone close by. The carry strap is great for being able to hang on your wrist. 

From the manufacturer:
Features classic style Embossed flowers and bling crystal diamond rhinestone. ALL in One (Convenient) Unlike other simple cellphone cases, this wallet case cover let you hold your phone and store you credit cards and cash. you don't need to bring a wallet to go shopping,just bring this Aocome iPhone 7 Wallet Case with you! So convenient! it come with a detachable strap,which lets you comfortably use your phone while safely attached to your wrist

You can pick up your own on Amazon:

I received this case in exchange for my honest review.