Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ebook Review

Why Beans? They’re delicious and versatile. In Cooking with Beans, Rhiana Jones shows you how to give low-cost dried or canned beans a starring role from breakfast, lunch, and snacks to dinner and dessert—yes, there are three dessert recipes. What Kind of Recipes? A Little bit of everything! Some of the 20-plus recipes, from old favorites to the unusual, fit a vegan or vegetarian diet; others, such as the four-ingredient Spicy Cowboy Hash, cater to the meat-lovers in your life. Why this book? Frugal cooking is in! Put your stockpile of inexpensive dried and canned beans to good use. Whether you’re making Black Bean Huevos Rancheros for a brunch or family breakfast or the classic Three-Bean Salad or a Pinto Bean Pie for a potluck or everyday dinner, priced-right Cooking with Beans gives you a source of frugal, easy-to-follow bean recipes that you can prepare with confidence.

I was never one to eat a lot of beans. But when I got pregnant with my first, the doctor told me I needed to add more beans to my diet since I am not a big meat eater. 
I have come to love beans and was grateful to be able to review this book and have a chance to try some more recipes in exchange for my honest opinion.