Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pokemon Go 3D Phone Case

Have a Pokemon lover in your family? I know I have a few. 
We are always hearing wait stop there is a Pokemon over there. Can I get it? Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate is a great accessory for aligning your poke'ball to catch that Pokemon! 
It clips right on to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 7. 
This plate helps you gain extra XP since you will be able to throw straighter Pokeballs. 
Pokemon GO 3D printed phone case to aim your pokeballs, size is perfect fit and very easy to install insert and Remove. Fine workmanship and no odor. [b]Item:[/b]Pokemon Go Aim Assist Plate Outdoor Pokeball Aimer Pokemon Games Accessories, Phone Case Express Install for iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 6/6s Plus.

My boys are fighting over who gets to use the case! I was given the case in exchange for my honest review. This case gets 2 thumbs up from the Bavaro Boys!