Monday, February 14, 2011

Special K Protein Shakes

Ok, so maybe I can't use the "baby weight" excuse any longer...maybe I just need to lose weight. But its really hard when I have little munchkins snacking all day long....

I bit the bullet 2 weeks ago and decided to give the Special K Challenge a shot. I have been eating the Special K Cereal for a while now. I love the Fruit and Yogurt. But it was time to suck it up and give up all the bad eating for 2 weeks.

I was a little scared to try the protein shakes. I am not one for vitamin or medicine tasting things. But there are really good. I really like them! Its almost as good as a real milk shake. I have only tried the chocolate and strawberry so far. Really like them both. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys the taste of shakes! So not a diet tasting drink!

**They state you should be able to lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks if you follow the diet correctly. Well I was able to drop 12 pounds! WAHOO!! Still have another 8 pounds or so to get to my goal weight. Took this week off and will be doing the 2 week challenge again starting on Monday**